Environmental Sustainability

Cornerstone Building Brands has always held sustainability and environmental stewardship as top priorities, both in our manufacturing operations and in the products we produce. Many of our residential and commercial building products are certified for high energy efficiency performance. Our products are produced using lean manufacturing principles to reduce waste, and conserve energy and natural resources. We urge you to learn more here.

Sustainable Solutions


Our commitment to creating high-performing products has never wavered over the history of our company. As demand for environmentally friendly and green construction materials has grown, we’ve been there to provide solutions. We manufacture components high in recycled materials that meet ENERGY STAR® and LEED certification requirements. In fact, several of our residential window products have been identified as ENERGY STAR® 2020 Most Efficient.

EnergyStar LEED

On the commercial side of our business, many of our building products are made from steel, the most recycled building material in the world. Recyclable metal products help conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact. They also last longer than conventional construction solutions and do not have to be maintained or replaced as often—thus reducing unnecessary waste and labor costs.

We are committed to creating high-performing products