Cornerstone Building Brands is a company focused on creating long-term value for our customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities where people live, work and play.

There is great opportunity to expand and strengthen our existing customer relationships by providing integrated solutions tailored to each channel. We have a broad portfolio of complementary products that we will continue to expand through innovation, product line extensions and strategic acquisitions.

Keenly focused on operating with excellence across the enterprise, we are making investments in manufacturing automation, transforming the way work gets done and optimizing our capital deployment to create long-term shareholder value.


Customer Focus

  • Trusted partners
  • Full exterior solutions – breadth of portfolio
  • Best-in-class service
  • National distribution – where our customers rely on us

Solutions Driven Technology

  • Using technology to better serve our customers
  • NexGen design automation
  • Digital advancements


  • Safety first
  • Talent development
  • Talent acquisition
  • Cultural change

Growth – Topline, Revenue

  • Innovation – new products and extensions
  • Cross selling – selling customers full portfolio
  • Investing in our brands
  • Strategic acquisitions

Operational Excellence

  • Driving efficiency & transforming the manufacturing process
  • Investing in automation
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Network optimization

Contributing to Communities

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Home for Good project – helping those in need of affordable housing
  • Social responsibility