Embracing Sustainability

At Cornerstone Building Brands, corporate stewardship is a responsibility that is deeply embedded in our 70-year history. Our sustainable business practices have given us the staying power to make a real difference in countless cities and neighborhoods. Visit any community and look at the buildings in which people live, work and play: We provide the building materials—the cornerstones—to create these essential structures, both residential and commercial.

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As North America’s largest manufacturer of exterior building products, Cornerstone Building Brands is uniquely positioned to make big and bold impacts on the communities we serve. Through this kind of reach, we leverage our ability to do more with less, increase efficiencies, reduce waste and improve the performance of every building our products touch.

But creating great building solutions is about more than producing industry-leading products; driven by our four core values—safety, innovation, teamwork and integrity—we strive to make a difference for our colleagues, customers and communities every day through initiatives such as charitable giving, employee assistance programs and local hiring.


At Cornerstone Building Brands, you’ll find a culture of equity and inclusiveness that fuels our success. Using our three Cs as guiding principles—Care for our Employees, Care for our Customers and Care for the Health of our Company—our team of more than 20,000 people is empowered to make impactful decisions every day. This requires innovative thinking, which is why we continually seek out diversity of thought and talent to shape and grow our ESG potentials, which we are proud to share here with our stakeholders.

A Message from Our President and Chief Executive Officer

As we strive to become the premier exterior building solutions company in North America, we have a responsibility to increase our positive impact on the environmental, social and governance issues most material to our business. This means in addition to offering manufacturing solutions for homes and structures in which people live, work and play, we are also committed to helping our communities thrive.

Rose Lee
Rose Lee
President and Chief Executive Officer

We’re renewing our commitment to strengthen and expand our most important core value – safety – to our employees, customers and communities. In addition, we are dedicated to continually improving the sustainability of our solutions through operational efficiencies that reduce our environmental impact, increasing the life cycle and recyclability of our products and creating a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees. We are implementing these initiatives by prioritizing trust and integrity in every interaction we have with our employees, customers and supply chain partners.

As we make decisions about how we grow and evolve our business, we remain committed to improving our communities for future generations. We will accomplish this through the solutions we bring to our industry and the ways we develop and deliver them. I invite you to learn more about Cornerstone Building Brands and how we are leveraging our solid foundation to create a more sustainable, responsible and ethical company. We look forward to a promising future and thank you for continuing to help get us there.


Our core values and mission act as our guideposts in everything we do.

Our ESG Footprint