Building Caring Communities

Cornerstone Building Brands supports the team members who make manufacturing our products and solutions possible, the communities we help build and the customers who serve them. Our policies, systems and governance are designed to promote the well-being of our team members and the continued satisfaction of our customers. We are fostering inclusive, safe environments that provide opportunities for growth while also giving back to the communities where we live, work and play.

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Cultivating Strong Talent Management

UNC 2022 Leadership Program Our team members are critical to our mission and success, and, as such, our goal is to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we operate. Essential to this is creating a workplace that promotes our core values and operates within our team member success model elements of leading inclusively, driving change, winning as one and making an impact. We take great care in hiring, developing and retaining our team members to maximize their individual potential and our cumulative success.

Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It is important that the diversity of our company is reflective of the communities in which we operate and the customers we serve. Cornerstone Building Brands is deeply committed to building an inclusive and equitable work environment based on mutual respect and where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and team members.

In 2020, our Executive Committee established a DE&I Council to expedite adoption and growth of DE&I efforts. Consisting of 18 key leaders and two executive sponsors chosen for their experience, capabilities, sphere of influence and passion for creating a more inclusive culture, the Council advises on DE&I priorities related to company culture, sets targets and benchmarks, provides education and training, gathers team member feedback, builds team member engagement, and evaluates and advances current DE&I initiatives. Our Executive Committee and Board of Directors monitor the Council’s management and the Company’s overall DE&I progress.

We continue to invest in a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce where the unique backgrounds and contributions of all team members are valued. It is the right thing to do and results in long-term value creation for our business.

At Cornerstone Building Brands, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is:

Diversity: The presence of different types of people who possess unique combinations of characteristics and backgrounds, such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and age.

Equity: The continuous practice of eliminating barriers to ensure all team members have access to resources, opportunities and advancement so they may fully contribute to the Company’s success.

Inclusion: The act of creating a culture where everyone feels welcome, respected and valued.

Providing Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being

We’re focused on the well-being of each team member every day. We each take personal responsibility for our own safety and the safety of those around us in all parts of our business. Everyone on our team, including remote workers, is required to follow our safety standards, including full-time, temporary, contractors and visitors.

Occupational Health and Safety 2022

Improving Customer Experience

Building caring communities means prioritizing our customers. We are focused on being a customer-centered organization, concentrating on quality and service. We want customers to recognize us as their partner of choice as we work alongside them to create mutual value through our manufacturing footprint, differentiated products and solutions.

  • Learn more about our commitment to our customers within the report

Giving Back Through Community Engagement and Philanthropy

We reinforce our philosophy of caring for communities through our Cornerstone Building Brands Cares initiatives. We lean on team members to guide our efforts to best address the needs of the communities in which they live and work — building stronger communities now and for generations to come.

Our Life's Work Changes Lives: Home for Good project

Community Engagement Our success depends on valuing all individuals and leveraging our diverse talent. This requires a conscious effort to weave all associates into the fabric and mission of the Company. We are prioritizing these actions:

Cornerstone Building Brands developed the Home for Good project to address the critical need for affordable housing that exists across North America. More than 17 million U.S. households (one in seven) spend more than half of their income on housing, and we know a home is so much more than walls and a roof.

Since 2016, the Home for Good project has provided more than $3.1 million in exterior building products, financial contributions and volunteer hours to build or remodel more than 670 Habitat for Humanity homes in more than 90 communities.

Learn more about the Home for Good project.

Connecting Communities Program

We understand that community needs vary across our wide footprint and want to ensure our team members can directly impact the communities they call home. Our Connecting Communities program has outreach teams at office and manufacturing facilities that provide the resources needed to build partnerships with local community organizations and execute activities that address local needs. Team members direct what causes to support and how the Company engages with these communities.

Last year, we met our goal of expanding our program to 10 participating facilities by launching the program at eight additional sites and increasing engagement with our existing outreach teams. As we continue to grow our partnerships with community leaders, we hope to establish ourselves as impactful and integral community partners.

Connecting Communities Highlights

Respecting Human Rights

Human Rights

Cornerstone Building Brands recognizes human rights as a fundamental driver of our commitment to building caring communities. We consider our impacts on human rights from the boardroom to the factory floor and beyond. The Company strives to ensure our people, business partners and stakeholders fairly and respectfully, implementing policies to protect team members in our offices, plants and throughout our value chain at the corporate and individual levels.

Human and Labor Rights Policy

Our Human Rights Expectations


We are committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of everyone.

Business ethics and integrity guide our conduct every day. Everyone within the Cornerstone Building Brands community is entitled to respect, integrity and professionalism, including team members, temporary or contract workers, candidates, customers and suppliers.

Understand and follow the law and our policies.

Cornerstone Building Brands complies with all applicable national, state and local laws regarding human rights. Our Human Rights and Labor Policy establishes company standards regarding involuntary labor, discrimination, harassment, minimum wage, freedom of association, safety and environment. These standards apply to Cornerstone Building Brands and to our suppliers and are included in the Company’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers must also avoid the use of conflict minerals from specific regions of Africa. For more information about our supply chain, please see the Developing Responsible Supply Chain section of our report.

We do not tolerate abuse of human rights in our operations or in our supply chain.


Report possible violations.

We make every effort to create an environment where all team members can work without fear of intimidation, reprisal or harassment and encourage the reporting of actual or suspected human rights abuses, whether in our operations or those of our business partners. Reports may be made to our Integrity Helpline, a confidential means for reporting possible legal and policy violations. Reports to the Integrity Helpline may be made anonymously where allowed by applicable law. Independent ethics and compliance professionals staff the Integrity Helpline, and supplied information is only accessible to those investigating claims. For more information about our Integrity Helpline, please see the Business Ethics & Values section of our report.

Respect human rights — every day.

We practice our human rights commitments through our daily conduct with one another and our business partners. The Company also recognizes the extended scope of human rights in our promotion of DE&I, disability accommodations and the protection of other rights for everyone with whom we do business.